Lexus OEM Integration

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Purchasing a new vehicle can be exciting, until you take a look at the stock stereo that comes with it. Many of today’s new cars have advanced integrated stereos that make it a hassle to replace.  Upgrading to an aftermarket car stereo can end up taking a lot of time, effort, and frustration to install. And with most aftermarket receivers, the factory style that most people love, ends up being lost with a new and sometimes hard to use interface. Direct OEM replacement receivers will become more and more popular because they provide you with everything you need in a stereo, including a factory feel. Most of the time, these receivers will come with even more features than a stock head unit such as built-in Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and iPod integration. So I ask you, Why not replace your receiver with a feature-packed headunit while keeping your vehicle looking clean and new?

A company that has done all of the above is Fly Audio. They have created a head unit that looks stock, but comes with more options and features than you may know what to do with. The Double DIN Receivers have a 6.5”, 7” or 8” TFT-LCD Screen with CD, DVD, VCD, DivX and MP3 Playback. Fly Audio has integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling as well as iPod direct connectivity. The USB Input allows you to charge, control and playback your iPod straight through the receiver. The Fly Audio E8039NAVI-2 is great example of a head unit for a vehicle that you would want to maintain the stock look in. It is a 7” Receiver with a touchscreen display made for the 2009 Lexus IS250/350. It has all of the features mentioned above along with built-in navigation. This may be one feature that your stock stereo did not have before. The navigation has voice prompts, traffic lane guidance and destination searches so you always know where to go. Fly Audio makes these head units for just about every car out there, not just the Lexus. These OEM integrated receivers will become increasingly popular over the years with the addition of new cars.