CTEK Battery Charging Solutions

Adding car audio equipment like amplifiers and subwoofers to your vehicle can sometimes put a strain on the battery causing it to lose power and die faster than normal. This is especially the case if you do not upgrade your charging system with a higher quality battery or capacitor. If this is a problem for your vehicle, you might want to think about getting a battery charger like the CTEK Smart Battery Charger.

The CTEK Multi US 3300 Smart Battery Charger is designed to charge 12V lead-acid batteries that are found in vehicles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, jet skis, small boats, and more. The CTEK Smart Charger adapts the current straight to the battery to provide charges twice as fast as some of the bigger battery chargers on the market today. This compact and lightweight charger is equipped with 3 charging modes, motorcycle mode is for batteries rated at less than 14 amp hours, cold weather mode allows you to charge your batteries during the coldest days of winter, and normal mode for wet batteries, maintenance free batteries, and gel batteries. The Multi US 3300 charger also features a multi-stage charging cycle which consist of Desulphation for sulphated batteries, Bulk will allow the charge to be carried out at maximum charge until full voltage is reached, Absorption will keep the voltage constant until the current has tapered to 0.6 amps, and Pulse Maintenance mode that measures the voltage every ten minutes to decide if a 5A pulse is needed.

CTEK also has 6-12 volt add-on indicator eyelets that are perfect accessories for the above mentioned Multi US 3300 smart battery charger. These eyelets are designed to make the maintenance of the battery in the vehicle easy and convenient. The CTEK M6 and CTEK M8 eyelets indicate the status on the battery and make sure that the battery can always get the care it needs. They also make sure the battery can always be fully charged and will indicate when the harmful sulphation process begins.

Keep your battery fully charged and vehicles sound system pumping at all times with these great products from CTEK.