Amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers are the staple of the car audio industry of today. From hundreds of manufactures and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming at times. Crossfire started with the concept of being able to provide high-performing and high-quality products. These products had to be reliable day in and day out, but at the same time affordable so that every car enthusiast could be reach. From this concept has grown a well established company whose products are sold in various parts of the world. The best example of Crossfire’s idea in action is their BMF Series products. BMF series products offer high-quality and high performance at a price that makes it affordable to anyone looking to get into the car audio game.

Crossfire BMF Amplifiers

Crossfire BMF500M

Ranging from 2-Channel to Monoblock, BMF series amplifiers are available for any car audio application. One of the most disguising features for BMF amplifiers is the fact that they are rated off a 12.5V battery as oppose to the factory standard of 14.5V. This small but important feature means that BMF amplifiers are going to give you accurate and dependable power ratings each and every single time. A 5-way protection circuitry protects both the amplifier and any other devices that are connected to the amplifier from any shorts or overheating. The soft start feature protects the devices being amplified from any electrical spike that could potentially cause a blow out in the devices. BMF amplifiers feature Military Spec. Audiophile Grade Components. The use of these high-end components ensures interoperability of all the components within the amplifiers, giving you reliability in performance and efficiency. BMF amplifiers also feature variable low pass and high pass electronic crossovers that will allow for complete control of frequencies to better tune your car audio system. Along with high efficiency MOSFET power supplies, oversized capacitors banks, wire free PC board layouts, and simultaneous mono/stereo operation capabilities, BMF Crossfire Amplifiers are able to compete with high-end standards at an affordable price.

Crossfire BMF Subwoofers

Crossfire BMF1228

BMF series subwoofers are offered in 10”, 12”, and 15” models. Ranging from 400 to 600 watts RMS of continuous power and offered in either Dual 2 or Dual 4 ohm versions. The “FIT” dual voice coil impedance selector allows instant series or parallel voice coil configuration. This creates a much more effective way of programming the impedance of a subwoofer when dealing with either a dual 2 or dual 4 ohm version, thus making wiring and installation extremely easy. A stitched rubber surround and dual stacked magnet motor structure give the BMF subwoofers a high-end feel and look. They also feature compression input terminals that make installation, secure and easy. These subwoofers are great in either sealed or ported enclosures making them perfect for any application. A single BMF subwoofer is perfect for anyone looking to add some rich, deep and clean bass into their car. BMF Crossfire Subwoofers will give the performance usually found in more expensive subwoofers at a fraction of the cost.