Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

We’re all familiar with the types who think they know every road like the backs of their hands.  Even while they’re lost they’re convinced that their just taking a newly established shortcut.  What if it was as easy as typing in your destination, and choosing the shortest route possible?  Clarion’s NZ500 can upgrade practically any vehicle and give them the ability to navigate circles around their lost friend.

Equipped with built-in flash memory that stores 12 million points of interest, you’re sure to find the nearest gas station, restaurant, hotel, or any other point of interest with ease.  The Clarion NZ500 also has the ability to create waypoints while traveling.  This means while on the freeway running low on gas, you can easily find the nearest gas station with ease and how to find it.

Since this unit has a single din sizes chassis, it can fit in most vehicles.  Most GPS Navigation Systems are double din sized, which will limit the vehicles they can be installed into.  This NZ500 can be installed in any vehicle with a single din dash kit, and as long as there no obstructions for the flipping out mechanism.  After flipping out, a large 7” touch screen monitor flips out, along with additional buttons that help with navigating through the on-screen display as an alternative to touching the screen.

In some States talking on cellular phones while driving is illegal without using a Bluetooth device.  The Clarion NZ500 has Bluetooth built in, alleviating the need to buy another bulky Bluetooth module to sit on your dashboard.

And finally, offering plenty of playback options for your listening pleasure, you can listen to a range of sources.  Some examples of media playback could be from a CD, HD Radio, Satellite Radio, or through a versatile selection of any media player with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Clarion designed the NZ500 to be a diverse source unit and to become exceptional solution to bring your car into the modern age.