Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

When it comes to car audio installations, there are many different types of installation tools needed to complete the job at hand such as pliers, screwdrivers, wire pullers, soldering guns and more. But there is one tool that no installation could be complete without, wire strippers. Wire strippers are a plier like tool that are used to strip the protective insulation from wires so an electrical connection can be made. There are two main types of wire strippers, manual and automatic. Manual wire strippers are a pair of opposing blades with a center notch; the center notch makes it possible to cut the insulation without cutting the wire. It is used by rotating it around the insulation while squeezing the handle to make a cut. An automatic wire stripper grips the wire from one side and cuts and removes the insulation from the other automatically.

Xscorpion is a manufacturer we carry at Sonic Electronix that are known for producing some high quality wire strippers. The Xscorpion AWS-106 is their automatic model; these heavy duty wire strippers will work for 10-18 gauge wires and are extremely durable. They are also very easy to use, just place the wire inside the jaws and squeeze the handle; the wire will be stripped in one motion. The AWS-106 features a built-in SK5 knife for clean and accurate strip lengths.

The QWS-108 from Xscorpion is another one of their top model wire strippers. This versatile tool is not only a stripper, but also cuts and crimps wires as well. It will strip and cut 10-24 gauge wire, crimp 10-22 gauge wire, crimp 7-8 millimeter ignition terminals, and crimp non-insulated terminals. It’s micro adjusting swivel knob and removable stripping length stop will provide accurate cuts & strips every time.

Every car audio sound system installation requires wires, and all wires must be stripped of its protective jacket for connection. So before you start that install, make sure you have a pair of durable wire strippers to make the installation that much easier.