Cadence CEQ-773

When your vehicles equalizer settings simply aren’t good enough and you find yourself wanting more control over the music you listen to, an external equalizer will give you all the control you could ever ask for. The Cadence CEQ-773 is the perfect addition to any vehicle with an aftermarket stereo system. This rock solid EQ gives you the ability to boost up or cut back on areas of your music that could use some adjustment.

Stay In Control of Your Music

If you are the type of person that is constantly poking at your stereo, scrolling through tedious menus and adjusting your head-units volume and equalizer settings, then this unit will bring a whole new world of comfort to your finger tips. This 7 band equalizer gives you individual volume control over both your music, and your subwoofers. You do anything from toning down your mid-bass levels, to boosting the vocals on your higher end of the spectrum.

The Specs of A Champion

The Cadence CEQ has a very simple operation design. It accepts 1 set of RCA inputs, than splits them off into 3 separate outputs for connecting to multiple amplifiers. Conveniently, there is a 3.55mm auxiliary jack on the front face of this unit, which allows you to plug in your portable accessories such as iPods, satellite radios or other devices. One of the great features is the ability to output a 7 volt signal through each set of RCA outputs. The high-strength signal will allow you to slightly turn your gains down on your amplifiers so they can work more efficiently with greater head-room for power.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Since all controls on the CEQ-773 are physical rotary knobs, it is very easy to make all of your adjustments right from your driver’s seat without having to touch a single menu on your head-unit. Once you get a feel for the layout of the controls and the way each control will function, your hands will naturally start making adjustments without you even thinking twice about it. With this professional looking equalizer, you will have the ability to make each song sound as good as it can be to your ears.