One of the best perks of constantly evolving technology is the new products that hit the market every year. While Bluetooth amplifiers aren’t technically new, RE Audio released the BT900.4 Bluetooth amp about a year ago, they are becoming increasingly more common with Cerwin Vega, Infinity, JBL and Kicker releasing their own Bluetooth amps with more sure to hit the market soon.

If you drive an older car, chances are you probably don’t have Bluetooth. A Bluetooth amp is perfect for you if you aren’t interested in taking out your factory stereo to add an aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth. Not only will you add Bluetooth to your vehicle, you’ll be able to amplify your speakers and improve the overall performance of your system.

Why You Want One

  • Stream Music Through Your System Directly from Your Amplifier
  • Eliminate the Need of an Expensive Head Unit
  • Amplify Your System

How Bluetooth Amplifiers Works

Bluetooth Amplifier Diagram

A Bluetooth amplifier is actually a pretty basic piece of equipment. It functions and installs just like any other amplifier would (they can be connected to a source unit, but it isn’t required), it just has an integrated Bluetooth module installed in it allowing you to connect virtually any Bluetooth enabled device (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to it wirelessly. Bluetooth amps eliminate the need of a traditional head unit because they allow the amp to double as the receiver.

Kicker PXiBT50.2

Common Applications

One of the things that makes a Bluetooth amplifier great is the flexibility it provides you with. While a Bluetooth amplifier will make an excellent addition your car’s sound system, they are also a perfect fit for marine and power sports use, as well as just about any other application that requires an amplifier.

In the Car

A Bluetooth amplifier adds another, and perhaps the most efficient way to add Bluetooth to your car. Many older stereos don’t have built-in Bluetooth simply because it wasn’t a common feature. Until the release of Bluetooth amplifiers the only way to add Bluetooth to your vehicle was through a new, potentially costly, Bluetooth headunit or a Bluetooth adapter that was compatible with your stereo. With a Bluetooth amp you can knock out two birds with one stone. You’ll add the convenience of wireless Bluetooth streaming to your car while also amplifying your existing system. Some Bluetooth amps also include a wired microphone, enabling hands-free phone calls.

On the Boat

Bluetooth amplifiers aren’t just for use in your car, they’re also a great for streaming music out on the lake. Many boats don’t even have a sound system installed, so if you want to add a system you’re probably going to need to build it from the ground up. A marine rated Bluetooth amplifier allows you to skip over a head unit all together, saving you money while improving the performance of the rest of the system. And much like in your car if your boat does have a sound system and the head unit isn’t Bluetooth enabled, a Bluetooth amplifier can save you from having to change out the stereo.

On the ATV

For anyone interested in outdoor power sports, you know that free space is incredibly limited. Installing a sound system in an ATV, UTV, SSV or motorcycle can be a tricky proposition because of this and anything you can do to save space can be invaluable. A Bluetooth amp can consolidate your source unit and amplifier into one piece of equipment without sacrificing the ability to actually play music through your system.