Sony XS-L126P5

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

If there is one thing that people look for the most when shopping for new mobile electronics, it is the name.  Is the brand a reliable one?  What reputation does the brand have?  This is one department that Sony does not need to worry about.  The long time electronics giant has developed a reputation for quality, long lasting products.  From portable to household electronics, Sony has always been a trustworthy manufacturer.  Just ask anyone that has owned a Sony product.  No matter how long ago they bought it, chances are they still have it and it is in working condition.  If you visit a mobile electronics show, you will see plenty of Sony products outfitted in the cars because of the reputation of the company.

One of the newer Xplod series subwoofers include the Sony XS-L126P5.  This affordable subwoofer continues with the Sony legacy by offering a great sounding, reliable product.  The 5-sided cone that has made Sony famous is comprised of a MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) diaphragm with glass-fiber composite for excellent sound reproduction.  Because of the 5-sided rubber surround is not a perfect circle, Sony placed stress relief points on the surround to ensure strong, smooth movement of the cone.  The subwoofer handles 380 watts continuously, but is strong enough to handle up to 1300 watts!  Once the sub is installed into a sealed enclosure as Sony recommends, this car subwoofer is ready for some serious bass.  Another great feature with the Sony XS-L126P5 is the great looks.  The woven cone material and the shiny rubber surround look fantastic in any enclosure.  With the reputation that Sony has, it is easy to put our trust in there products and this subwoofer is no exception.