Finding the Best Lyft and Uber Dash Cam

Finding the best Lyft and Uber dash cam for rideshare drivers is important. A dash cam can really improve a driver’s reliability, trustworthiness and overall safety. If you’re a rideshare driver wondering if one will be worth getting, this blog will help figure out why and what you should search for when looking for the best Lyft or Uber dash cam. Some good choices for dash cams are featured below.

Becoming an Uber and Lyft rideshare driver is an awesome way to make some extra money, but it comes with a little risk. The recent Uber driver who was attacked by a passenger proves how useful and important a dash cam is for your vehicle. Driving your car means you’ll be using it more often and riding with people you don’t really know. Having a dash cam can help make sure you don’t have a crazy Uber or Lyft story.

A dash cam will protect you and your passengers and give you some insurance for the unplanned. Plus it will show your passengers you are responsible enough to monitor whatever happens in your car or what’s on the road.

There have been many cases where drivers have gotten accused of doing something they didn’t do while using Uber and Lyft. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure you have a dash cam. It will pay for itself in no time when you can prove your side of the story with video and/or audio evidence.

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Uber and Lyft Dash Cam Benefits

First things first, if you’re planning on getting a dash cam, make sure you check your local and state laws about recording while you’re on the job. Some states will require you to have a notification of some kind if you are recording somebody. A sign or a verbal notification is typically good enough.

A dash cam will be able to record what you are driving. In case of an accident, you will have proof of what happened. There is nothing worse than trying to explain what happened with no evidence, especially if the other person tries to skew the truth. You would be pretty lucky to have a witness testify what really happened. A dash cam will give you some peace of mind just in case of situations like these.

Not only can a dash cam help you record a crash, it could also be really helpful to monitor the interior of your car. For example, picking up people on a Saturday night can be a hassle. People may have had a little too much to drink and can be a nuisance that could get out of hand. People can start harassing you while you’re driving which can make your job harder and more dangerous.

If someone ever gets out of hand while you’re driving them to their destination, your dash cam could deter them from their actions knowing that are being recorded. If anything ever gets too crazy, you can show what really happened to the authorities. This can also help clear the air if they end up leaving a bad review or complaining about the experience they had with you.


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Best Uber and Lyft Dash Cam Features

Here are some features to look for when trying to find the best Uber and Lyft dash cam for you:


Dual Cameras: Dual recording cameras are perfect for recording the interior and exterior of your car. Having a 2 camera system will make sure you record anything on the road as well as monitor you and your passengers for a safe trip.

HD Recording: You may not need HD recording, but most DVRs will have it nowadays. HD recording will make sure you pick up the finest detail while on the road so nothing will be missed.

Loop recording: Loop recording is a very useful feature because it erases old files automatically and replaces them with new files so you don’t have to take out the SD Card. This feature means you won’t have to take the SD card out after every shift and delete files on those days where nothing happened. You can keep driving and not worry about your dash cam stopping because the card is full.

Viewing Angle: The larger the viewing angle, the more the camera will see and record. Simple as that. It is probably best to find a dash cam with a large viewing angle so if something does happen, the camera won’t miss anything if it’s outside the field of view.

G Sensor and Motion Sensor: A G sensor will record any impact that occurs above a certain threshold. This makes sure the camera will be recording during an accident even if you forgot to begin recording when you got in the car. Most cameras will let you adjust the sensivity of the sensor so you can set it up to not go off every time you go over a speedbump. Some cameras also have a motion sensor. This will make the camera start recording if it senses something moving in your car.

Low Light Illumination: When you’re driving at night you’ll want to make sure you still get good video quality. Checking to see if the dash cam works well in low light environments will be beneficial so you can drive and record at low light levels without missing any details.

Microphone: A video picks up only half of the information. Having a microphone will pick up the rest. The microphone will pick up audio cues that will be helpful so you don’t have to decipher what someone said. Also, if a vehicle was outside of your camera’s viewing angle, you can hear what happened from the audio recording. Again, make sure you comply with your local laws on audio and video recordings.


Best Lyft and Uber Dash Cams

Here are some great picks for uber and lyft dash cams:

Encore ENDVR-S2 Dash Cam

The ENDVR-S2 is perfect for recording both the interior and exterior of your car for maximum safety. This DVR comes fully equipped with HD recording, loop recording, a g sensor, motion sensor and low light illumination. The 160-degree viewing angle is wide enough to cover the front of your vehicle while the secondary camera can be mounted for interior filming. The primary camera has a strong suction cup mount. It even comes with a 16GB SD memory card. If you’re looking for a great Uber and Lyft dash cam solution, this would be it. The Encore ENDVR-S1 is available also with all of the above features, just without the secondary camera.


Crimestopper SV-9159 Rear View Mirror System

Crimestopper SV-9159 is a covert replacement rear view mirror monitor DVR system. It completely replaces your existing rear view mirror. The LCD screen is invisible when it’s not in use. This is a nice convenient option if you don’t want a dash cam hanging on your windshield or dash. It comes with a built-in g sensor, motion sensor, 32GB SD memory card and automatically starts recording when the ignition starts. It also has 2 video inputs so you can use the LCD screen as a backup camera monitor!



NAV-TV BLACKVUE DR600GW-HD is the sleekest, covert DVR dash cam on this list. The camera is very small so it won’t block your view when driving. It’s small size prevents it from having a screen, but you can connect a phone or tablet via the built-in Wifi to watch live or recorded video without removing the SD card. It even has built-in GPS functions that you can stream when connecting to the Wifi and using the Blackvue app. It records at full 1080p HD at 30fps.


Crimestopper DR-115 HD DVR System with Built-In Camera

The Crimestopper DR-115 comes feature packed at a low price. The built-in 120° viewing angle CMOS camera easily mounts to your windshield and records at 1080p HD at 25fps. It has a built-in microphone for audio recording as well. It automatically starts recording when the ignition turns on and stops when the ignition is off. You can also manually set the recording. It comes with a g sensor, motion sensor, 180mA backup battery and 8GB SD card. This is an awesome choice at a low cost for an Uber and Lyft dash cam.


Sonic Electronix Dash Cams

So there you have it, some great dashcams for Uber and Lyft. Of course you could use these dashcams for any rideshare company. We have more dash cams as well that you can check out at Sonic Electronix.