So it might not exactly be a magic trick, but you can definitely practice the art of invisibility with the Race Sport Accessories Hide-A-Way License Plate Frame, that comes in both manual and automatic systems.

Hide-A-Way Steps

Race Sport has developed a very simple to use easy solution to getting rid of the ugly license plate in front of your awesome car (for off road use and shows).

Hide-A-Way Manual

The show and go retractable license plate frame and mount allows users to display or hide-a-way the front plate by simply placing it underneath your vehicle. When needed (while on the road driving) the plate frame properly springs right back into its upright position. The system can be easily installed.

The only difference between these two products is that one operates manually and the other operates automatically with a remote control. There is a slight difference in price between the two, but both definitely do the job that they were designed to do.

Hide-A-Way Automatic

Each product includes all the accessories you need to install the plate frames.

Make sure you check them out here at Sonic Electronix and start showing off your new magic trick today!