Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

There are a lot of horrible drivers out on the road, so keeping both eyes on the road at all times is a must. Even the little things like changing a radio station, adjusting the radios volume, or searching for your favorite song can take your eyes off the road for merely a second. That one second may not seem long, but it is long enough to distract you from that car in front of you that just slammed on its brakes and before you know it, BOOM, you just rear ended someone. Luckily, there are ways to avoid such instances; one solution is adding a steering wheel control adapter to your vehicle.

Axxess is one manufacturer who has mastered the steering wheel control interface. Their newest model is the ASWCSTALK Universal Steering Wheel Control Add-On Interface. This convenient interface is compatible with most vehicles in which the stereo has a wired steering wheel remote connection. Axxess has equipped this adapter with the most popular pre-programmed features that include volume up, volume down, seek up, seek down, and source, however, there is an option of remapping the buttons to suit your needs if you are not happy with the pre-programmed features. The convenience of this product is unmatched and requires no manual programming; Axxess has done that for you. The ASWCSTALK will retain your OEM steering wheel controls, automatically detect many vehicle makes and aftermarket radios, and is USB updatable so you never have to worry about this interface being outdated.

Axxess OESWC-1761-STK

Installation could not be any easier, there is a four wire hook-up and it can be mounted on either side of the steering wheel. The ASWCSTALK is sold separately but also comes in a kits that include the OESWC interface and a vehicle specific T-Harness (be sure to check out our selection of Steering Wheel Control Kits to choose the correct kit for your vehicle).

This steering wheel control interface can be manually programmed to most vehicles on the market and is compatible with the top radio manufacturers in the industry. It will be the last interface you will ever need, so add some convenience to your ride and get yours today.