By Kyle Duffy – Product Specialist

Axxess ASWC

Steering wheel controls are nothing new, but back then they were scarce and usually saved for the higher end vehicles or added luxury packages. Steering wheel controls allows you to change functions of your radio without reaching over to mess with the controls, which could cause an accident. Well, the years have gone by and technology has inexorably improved which means steering wheel controls are far more common. Once you replace your radio with an aftermarket radio you can kiss your handy steering wheel mounted audio controls goodbye, or do you?

Don’t panic just yet, it’s the year 2010 and we have the technology! The Axxess ASWC universal steering wheel control interface allows your new, aftermarket radio to integrate with your vehicles built-in steering wheel controls. Now, this is nothing new, there are other devices out there that allow you to integrate the controls, so what makes this one unique? Other devices are often radio specific and require resisters and manual programming. The ASWC identifies the vehicle and radio, and then presets the steering wheel controls automatically. This saves installers hours by eliminating the need for specific interfaces for the many stereo systems in the world. The ASWC does it all without the involvement of other interfaces which simplifies installation.

Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Don’t leave just yet though, there is a little bit more that you should know. It does everything automatically, however if you want to manually program it yourself, you can do that too. If you want the volume buttons to control the volume, that’s fine, but if you want them to skip backwards or forwards in your playlist, by all means that’s fine too! You can have your cake and eat it too. The status LED will flash to simplify the manual programming process and let you know when it’s been completed. The ASWC is compatible with today’s top aftermarket radio manufactures’ like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, JVC, Eclipse, Sony, Dual and many more. Almost any aftermarket radio with a wired steering wheel remote input is compatible with the ASWC.

New radios are coming out every year and new cars even quicker. If you have the ASWC and you’re planning on upgrading in the next few years to another car, you can bring your entire system with you. The Axxess ASWC has a USB port so you can update it online at any time. This means you only need to buy one unit and enjoy the freedom of taking it with you to any vehicle you own, it won’t ever be outdated. Don’t worry about unplugging your car battery, the ASWC has non-volatile memory so it will remember your settings if it loses power. The Axxess ASWC universal steering wheel control module is the first of its kind and drastically simplifies installation. Don’t worry about losing those OEM steering wheel mounted controls, Axxess has you covered!