Kenwood P-W12TB

Written by Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Adding a subwoofer to a car can be an overwhelming task for someone that has never done it before.  There are so many variables and considerations to take into account.  Some of these technical variables include how to choose the right subwoofer for a car, how to match that subwoofer with an amplifier, what type of box should I put it in, and how do I install a car amplifier.  For those that have some experience with aftermarket car audio components, these questions can be answered with a little research.  However, some people do not have the time or desire to crunch numbers for the perfect sub and amp combo.  For those that fall into this category, the ideal bass solution is an amplified loaded enclosure package.

Many of the subwoofer and amplifier manufacturers create packages that include a subwoofer, an amplifier, and a sub enclosure.  They are available in all shapes, sizes, configuration, and colors.  Each of the packages has an amplifier that is matched with the subwoofers to give optimal performance.  By letting the manufacturer do the hard part and match the components, it saves us time and effort.  A few examples of these combo packages include the Kenwood P-W12TB, the Crunch CRBX12, the MTX Audio Terminator TNP212D, and the Infinity BassLink.  Each one of these examples has a unique feature that separates them from the rest of the amplified loaded enclosures.

The P-W12TB from Kenwood features a 12” subwoofer preloaded inside a long, vented tube.  The Tube design is most commonly recognized from the Bazooka Bass Tubes, however Kenwood was able to adapt this design to make a great sounding sub.  Inside the package is an amplifier that is recommended by Kenwood for the best sound possible.

Crunch introduced a do-it-yourself box that is perfect for those that want a simple way to learn how to make a box and load it with a subwoofer.  The CRBX12 from crunch included everything that you need to make a loaded enclosure, load it with a subwoofer that is included in the box.  A Crunch P751 amplifier is included in the box to give the right about of power to the subwoofer for great sound.

MTX Audio has always provides excellent subwoofers at a good price, and the MTX party packs are no different.  The TNP212D has dual 12-inch subwoofers loaded in a sealed box.  The box is made specifically to the subwoofer’s specifications so that that best bass is heard.  The TN250/1 monoblock amplifier produces the perfect amount of wattage to power both subwoofers effectively.  This is a fast, simple, and easy way to add loud bass to any car.

Lastly, the Infinity BassLink is different from all the packages mentioned above because of its design.  The amplifier is built right into the enclosure for a compact installation that is simple to connect.  There is no connecting the amplifier to the subwoofer because Infinity does all that wiring for you.  It is a perfect and foolproof way to get some quality aftermarket sound in your vehicle.  With an installation as simple as this, all that is needed is a power and ground cable to connect to the bass link.   No matter which amplified loaded enclosure is chosen, each provide a simplified way to achieve optimal bass in any car.