When shopping to replace your factory car stereo there are many variations to choose from. Let’s start off and say you’re on a budget. A tight budget, we all have bills to pay. Whether you want Bluetooth, Pandora, Backup Camera or Navigation capabilities, first and foremost decide on the size that not only fits in your vehicle, but also accommodates the options you want.

Most popular selection of car stereo head units are Single DIN and Double DIN. There is also the not so popular single DIN with flip out screen or a single DIN with oversized face, but we can discuss those another time if necessary.

So back to being on a budget! You have around $150 to spend on a head unit. Let’s say you are going for Single DIN and you want MP3 capabilities, Bluetooth, maybe even the ability to stream Pandora. If this is the case, the Pioneer DEH-X6500BT would be the ideal head unit for you! Featuring an AM/FM, CD, MP3, USB Receiver with included remote, this unit is steering wheel remote ready and also works with iPhones and iPods. The Pandora app is a big feature for this particular stereo and easily launches on your smartphone device which then connects to your car stereo to stream music through your car speakers. You can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth or through an additional auxiliary cable that connects to the front of the head unit.

Moving on! Double DIN head units. Still keep your focus on your budget of about $150. We have a larger head unit, the Kenwood DPX300U. This unit fits into a compatible vehicle that has a double DIN size dash (check for your specific vehicle before checkout). This unit also has CD, MP3, WMA format capabilities and Pandora, but unfortunately no Bluetooth. An upside to no hands-free calling is that this stereo has the ability to add on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Of course with the purchase of an additional radio package (sold separately) or if you’re in luck and already have a subscription, you’re set and good to go!

If built-in Bluetooth is a must have and you have the space to fill, you can still get a Double DIN head unit, simply browse our selection of units with that specific feature. You can always resort back to the Single DIN, just be sure you get the required pocket accessory to fill the space if your vehicle is equipped with a Double DIN dash. There’s always a way!

Our final suggestion of an excellent replacement for your factory stereo while staying on a budget is the Sony WX-GT80UI. This unit is a Double DIN as well, still supports all the MP3 and CD formats but has a front USB which is definitely a neat feature. The USB allows you to connect, control and charge your Walkman, iPod, iPhone, Android or Blackberry which becomes extremely handy rather than fussing with the controls on the head unit itself. This specific receiver also has Pandora and supports iPhones and Androids.

So keep your wallet full and shop our huge selection of head units! Small, big, wide, narrow, touchscreen, Bluetooth, navigation… we have it all!

So browse away…

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