Bzzzzz…. Bzzzzzz…. Bzzzzzz…. That buzzing sound you hear in your car is not a bee trapped inside, but likely damage to your car speakers. This is a frustrating noise for anyone, regardless of the type of car audio system and speakers that they have and can make your commute unbearable. 

So, why do your speakers sound like they are buzzing? There can be a few causes, here are things that you can check so that you are back to clear speakers quickly:

Check the Condition of Your Speaker and Speaker Cone

One of the most common causes of buzzing speakers is a damaged speaker cone or surround. This is a common occurrence caused by pushing a speaker too far. This happens frequently with factory speakers or budget aftermarket speakers because they are made with cheaper materials.

To see if that is the culprit, locate the speaker that is buzzing. It may be helpful to use your car balance and fade to isolate each speaker so you can determine which it is. Once located, you will need to visually inspect the speaker by removing the speaker grill or possibly the entire door panel. These are usually clipped in or screwed on so carefully remove them by using a screwdriver and possibly a panel removal kit.

Next, inspect the speaker for any noticeable damage. Look for any cracks, tears or holes. Keep in mind, some holes may be very small and hard to notice so it is always a good idea to carefully clean your speaker with a damp cloth. If any hole or damage is spotted, you have found the cause of your buzzing speaker and will likely need to replace it entirely, depending on the severity of the damage. If that’s the case we carry speakers of all sizes that will fit every vehicle.

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Check that Your Receiver and Amplifier is Properly Grounded

Some unwanted noises in car audio systems, like buzzing, is caused by a ground wire that is improperly connected. Be sure to check the receiver and amplifier ground wire to see that it is connected to the vehicle’s ground and is securely connected to metal.

If you see any corrosion on the metal or any other issues with your ground wiring, there is a good chance that this can be the cause of your unwanted noises. Keep in mind it is suggested that a shorter ground wire is used. Long ground wires have been known to cause issues.

Whenever you find the underlying cause is of your buzzing speakers, it’s also a good precautionary measure to make sure that all of your speakers are in phase with one another. If your speakers are out of phase, further damage may occur. Follow along with this helpful article for more information. 

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on what to look for and how to troubleshoot the problem. If you still have questions or need additional help, feel free to visit our YouTube channel to have access to hundreds of helpful videos. You can also contact our technical support team for some for all other questions!


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