A ported or vented subwoofer is a type of car subwoofer that uses a port/vent in the enclosure to boost the bass output of the subwoofer. The port lets air move in and out of the enclosure, which can make the subwoofer work better overall and make the bass louder and deeper. These subwoofers can also handle more power than sealed subwoofers and can handle more power, which makes them good for high-power car audio systems.
When it comes to blasting bass-heavy tunes in your car, ported subwoofers are your best bet. Find out which five ported vehicle subwoofers from Sonic Electronix sold the most units and received the highest ratings in 2022!

Kicker CompC DCWC122 1200W Peak (600W RMS) 12” L7S Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 4.8 | Design: 4.8 | Usability: 5

The Kicker CompC Dual 12-inch subwoofer enclosure is the perfect addition to any car audio system. With two 12-inch subwoofers, this enclosure provides powerful, deep bass that will enhance your listening experience. The enclosure is designed to optimize sound quality, so you can be sure that every note will be heard clearly. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just want to add some bass to your car audio system, the Kicker CompC is a perfect choice.

The CompC Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure comes loaded with a single 2-Ohm terminal. It features a custom port design made of heavy medium-density fibreboard (MDF), a spring-loaded speaker terminal, and a wrapped in thick black carpet that protects the enclosure. This subwoofer works best with 600 watts RMS and is a perfect fit in a trunk or an SUV.

Not only does the Kicker CompC deliver great sound, it’s also built to last. The durable construction ensures that it will withstand the rigors of everyday use and provide years of enjoyment. High-performance CompC™ Loaded Enclosures are factory-tuned and vented for loud, great-sounding bass that’s ready to install, so you can have your new subwoofer up and running in no time.

Item highlights

• 1200W Max Double 12″ Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
• 12″ COMPC Subwoofer
• Thick MDF Construction with Thick Black Carpet
• Spring-Loaded Binding Post Terminals
• Enclosure Dimensions: 11-7/16″ TD x 14-5/8″ BD x 17-1/2″ W x 16″ H

“Great value” – ★★★★★

Subwoofers sound great just the right bang and perfect fit for the car.


Sonic Electronix Customer

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3-2X12 2400W Dual 12″ Punch P3 Series Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure

Durability: 4.9 | Value: 4.9 | Features: 5 | Design: 4.9 | Usability: 5

The most convenient way to get low-frequency bass in your system is to drop in a Punch Loaded enclosure like the P3-2X12: a dual P3 12” vented enclosure with 1200 Watts RMS power handling wired to a 1-Ohm load. The enclosure is constructed with 5/8” MDF, covered in high-density carpet, and features quick-release compression terminals.

One of the standout features of the Rockford-Fosgate Punch Dual P3 12″ Loaded Enclosure is its custom-tuned enclosure. The enclosure is designed to optimize the performance of the subwoofers and provide the best possible sound quality. The enclosure is also made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it is both durable and long-lasting. The enclosure is also built to the exact specifications of the subwoofers, making the installation process quick and easy.

If you want to add high-quality bass to your car stereo system, the Rockford-Fosgate Punch Dual P3 12″ Loaded Enclosure is a terrific choice. The two 12-inch subwoofers and the specially constructed enclosure make this system a great option for anyone in need of a high-performance, yet straightforward, subwoofer solution.

Item highlights

• Dual Punch P3 12″ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
• 2400W Peak
• 1200W RMS
• Constructed with Durable 5/8″ MDF
• High Current Binding Posts
• Durable Black Carpet Covering
• Computer Optimized Design
• 1 Ohm Final Impedance

“Pounding Bass” – ★★★★★

These subs are just plain out AWESOME!! I have them in my chrysler 300 with a rockford t-1000 & my fingers tingle from the bass when i’m holding my steering wheel. There isn’t a car alarm in the world that’s safe when I drive by with these things pounding!!


Sonic Electronix Customer

JBL Stage 1200D1200W Peak (600W RMS) Stage Series Dual 12″ Car Audio Ported Enclosure

Durability: 5 | Value: 4.9 | Features: 4.9 | Design: 5 | Usability: 4.9

When it comes to subwoofer enclosures, the JBL Stage 1200D stands out as one of the best. It has two 12-inch subwoofers fitted into a vented shell to improve bass response and produce a rich, low-frequency sound. This subwoofer’s sleek appearance is a result of the enclosure’s construction from 5/8-inch MDF, a type of engineered wood noted for its strength and durability, and its covering of black carpet.

The JBL Stage 1200D’s impressive power handling is one of its most notable qualities. The subwoofer can handle a maximum of 1200W of peak power, or 600W per sub, and a minimum of 600W of RMS power, or 300W per sub. As a result, the subwoofer is able to safely handle huge volumes of power while still producing a deep, punchy bass that can fill an entire car with high-quality audio. The final 2-ohm impedance also contributes to the subwoofer’s power handling and sound quality.

The JBL Stage 1200D is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a high-performance subwoofer capable of withstanding significant amounts of power while still delivering a surprisingly strong bass response. It’s not just a long-lasting choice thanks to the dual 12-inch subwoofers preloaded into a vented enclosure made of 5/8-inch MDF and coated in black carpet, but it also looks great and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your car audio system. This subwoofer is a great option for those in the market for a high-performance subwoofer that can produce deep, punchy bass and handle significant amounts of power.

Item highlights

• 600W Dual 12″ Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
• 12″ Stage Series Subwoofers
• Vented enclosure with 5/8″ MDF covered with black carpet
• Includes Sealed Dual Enclosure


I have a JBL 600watt amp pushing these and I’m very impressed almost feels like 15″ speakers bumping, totally worth the money!!! You can push them hard!!!!


Sonic Electronix Customer

Kicker Solo-Baric 44VL7S1221500W Peak (750W RMS) 12” L7S Series Solo-Baric Single Subwoofer Enclosure

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

High-performance and powerful, the Kicker Solo-Baric 44VL7S122 is a subwoofer you won’t want to miss. A single 12-inch L7S subwoofer is placed into a vented shell to improve bass response and provide booming, solid sound. The enclosure is composed of thick MDF, making it strong and long-lasting, and is covered in luxe black carpet with the Kicker emblem embroidered in blue at the top for a modern and sophisticated appearance.

The Kicker Solo-Baric 44VL7S122’s impressive power handling is only one of its many impressive characteristics. The subwoofer has an RMS power of 750W and a peak power of 1500W, allowing it to withstand high power levels and generate remarkable bass response that can fill any car with rich, full-range sound. The subwoofer’s final impedance of 2 ohms further contributes to its power handling and audio quality. The sensitivity of 86.9 dB and the frequency response of 20-500 Hz, as well as the injection-molded polypropylene cone and ribbed Santoprene surround, contribute to the subwoofer’s capacity to manage power and produce high-quality sound.

The Solo-Baric L7S never fails to deliver the biggest KICKER bass in a ready-built bespoke enclosure. It is also available in a dual sub enclosure, a single sub model, and a thin-profile enclosure made especially for tight installs.

Item highlights

• 1500W Max Single 12″ Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
• 12″ L7S Subwoofer
• Thick MDF Construction with Thick Black Carpet
• Spring-Loaded Binding Post Terminals
• Includes Ported Enclosure

“Just what you’d expect from an L7” – ★★★★★

If you know car audio, you know the L7s are a great middle of the road daily driver. This product is no different. Nice, heavy, clean bass. Currently paired with a KXA800.1 amp and I’m very satisfied with the combination. Bonus, the sub and enclosure look fantastic with the blue accents!


Sonic Electronix Customer

Rockford Fosgate Punch P2-2X12 (11P2-2X12)1600W Peak Punch P2 Dual 12″ P2D4-12 Subwoofer Loaded Enclosure

Durability: 4.8 | Value: 4.8 | Features: 4.7 | Design: 4.8 | Usability: 4.8

Subwoofer enclosures vary greatly in quality, but the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2-2X12 is one of the top performers. Rockford Fosgate’s own technology went into designing the dual 12-inch subwoofer, so it can take a beating and yet deliver a solid low end. The anodized aluminum cone of the subwoofer is rigid, lightweight, and sturdy, making it an excellent compromise between performance and durability.

Versatility is one of the best things about the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2-2X12. The subwoofer can handle a wide range of power levels and can be changed to fit different types of music and listening styles. The subwoofer also has a built-in crossover, which lets you change the subwoofer’s frequency response to match your car’s audio system. The crossover makes sure that the subwoofer only plays back the frequencies it was made to handle, making the bass response cleaner and more accurate.

When compared to the previous Rockford Fosgate subwoofer mentioned above: The Rockford Fosgate Punch P2-2X12 is a high-performance subwoofer enclosure, but it comes preloaded with Punch P2 subwoofers, has a vented enclosure design for a less powerful sound, and a built-in crossover for fine-tuning the frequency response, while the Rockford Fosgate Punch P3-2X12 is a high-performance subwoofer enclosure, but it comes preloaded with Punch P3 subwoofers, and so on.

Both of these Rockford-Fosgate components, however, are essential for any car stereo system that wants to add some serious low-end punch to its tunes on the road.

Item highlights

• Two 12″ Punch Series Stage 2 Subwoofers
• Peak Power: 1600W Total
• High Modulus Kevlar Reinforced Paper Cone
• High Temperature 2″ 4-Layer Voice Coil
• Single 12″ Loaded, Ported Box
• Solid 5/8″ MDF Construction

Exceeds Expectations!” – ★★★★★

This enclosure seriously exceeds my expectations. first-hand PROPS to Sonic for making it so easily affordable. secondly, Rockford-Fosgate seriously outdid themselves by designing this enclosure. I am a serious Rockford-Fosgate fan, and have always used their products so I know what to expect out of them. I am using a Rockford Fosgate T500-1bdCP model amplifier pushing 814 “true power” watts at 1 Ohm. Using this amp allows P2 2×12 to be taken to its full potential and let me tell you first hand it Rattles my brain and my windows, and I see people turning their heads from a block away! No damage was done while in shipping, quick and easy to order online.


Sonic Electronix Customer

When it comes to loaded subwoofer boxes, ported subwoofer enclosures give you deep, punchy bass with efficient performance. Sonic Electronix carries the best and most affordable ported subwoofers from audio makers such as Kicker, Rockford-Fosgate, JL Audio, Memphis, MTX Audio, Alpine, JBL, Kenwood, and more.