The 5-channel amplifier is a staple for car audiophiles anywhere. It has the power to run a full front and rear set of component speakers, including a powerful subwoofer – allowing you to have a one-of-a-kind listening experience that’s sonically the best you’ve ever heard.

Here are the best 5-channel amplifiers for car audio systems in any vehicle, based on stellar customer reviews at Sonic Electronix!

NVX VAD11005

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

NVX’s VAD11005 is the amplifier for those who are looking to amp up their car audio experience. This amplifier delivers up to 125W of true RMS power to four channels plus an additional 600W channel for a subwoofer. Our experts at Sonic Electronix hooked it up to the Amplifier Dyno AD-1 and it proved itself to be able to handle more than its standard threshold when it comes to RMS power rating.

As part of the VAD line, it includes a conformally coated, marine-grade circuit board which makes it water and weather-resistant. The VAD11005 is a Class D amplifier, making it more efficient, produces less heat, and draws less current than traditional Class AB amplifiers. To top it off, it also offers 3-Way Protection Circuitry to ensure the longevity of your amp and car audio system.

Item highlights

• 4 ohms: 80 watts x 4 chan. + 350 x 1 chan.
• 2 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan. + 600 x 1 chan.
• Bridged, 4 ohms: 250 watts x 2 chan. + 600 x 1 chan.
• 5/4/2 Channel Operation

“Can’t go wrong!” – ★★★★★

Never having heard of NVX, understandably I was a bit reluctant. But the price for a 5 channel amp was hard to argue. My old boat had a fusion 5 channel amp, which was great, and is still going after 5 years, but also $600. The NVX is less than half the cost, and to be honest I believe more powerful. The kind folks at Sonic Electronix have always given me good advice, and they assured me I would not be disappointed with the NVX. They were not kidding. I have it hooked up to 4 JL Audio MX series speakers – two 650s and two 770s, plus a JL 10″ M series sub, which is better than the MX sub. And I did opt for NVX’s 5 channel amp install kit – definitely worth it.

For the head unit I went with a JBL gauge style PVR-275. It was inexpensive and had 3 sets of pre-amps, which I figured was important. I have to say, I’m floored by the overall performance. The system gets very loud, and stays clean at high volumes. I’ve had the system installed for only a month so far, but I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t believe a $6-800 amp would sound any better. Fingers crossed for years of enjoyment – that will be the true test. 

Anonymous Reviewer

Sonic Electronix Customer

JL Audio XD700/5v2

Durability: 5 | Value: 4.4 | Features: 5 | Design: 4.8 | Usability: 4.8

This potent 5-Channel amplifier employs JL Audio’s high-speed NexD switching design to achieve unprecedented efficiency and amazing power output in a very compact chassis. Don’t let the small size fool you, though… this amplifier is capable of serious power, delivering a full 700 W of total continuous power into a 2-ohm load per channel.

Targeted specifically for an audiophile-grade subwoofer + four satellite system, the XD700/5v2 includes a variable slope low-pass filter for the Subwoofer Channel and continuously variable cutoff frequency selection for all channels. This amplifier also features the v2 Spec feature set, which consists of automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing), and a dual-range differential balanced input section able to handle a wide range of input voltage levels.

With the addition of an HD-RLC remote level control (sold separately), you can control the volume of the subwoofer channel (Subwoofer Level) or of the entire XD700/5v2 from the front of the vehicle (Master Volume). This amplifier features a black powder-coat finish and a gasketed, brushed aluminum cover for the controls.

Item highlights

• NexD Switching Technology
• Differential Balanced Input Section
• Advanced Rollback Protection
• Selectable Low-Pass Filter Slope: 12 dB or 24 dB
• Detented, Calibrated Filter Freq. Potentiometer

“Outstanding amp all around” – ★★★★★

Seriously, this amp rocks all around. I recently installed it in my Jeep Wrangler under the drivers seat and it’s awesome having such a clean install with one amp running 5 channels. The foot print is very small for a 5 channel amp and having all the connections together makes it that much better.

Sound quality wise- this amp rocks it. It delivers more than enough power to my 2 sets of coax’s (5.25’s in the doors, 6.5’s in an overhead soundbar) and the sub channel is most definitely underrated. I’m running two 2 ohm10’s wired in series in a down firing box that are rated at 250w RMS and they sound/feel like they’re driven by much more power than 300 watts.

Mids/highs are very crisp, clear, and balanced throughout regardless of the volume level, even when pushed towards max volume. This amp delivers nothing but crisp, clean power to all 5 channels. Best of all after a coup hours of listening at 75%+ volume! this little guy gets hardly warm to the touch. I can’t speak much for durability since it’s a fairly recent install, but nonetheless this amp is outstanding.

If you’re looking for a compact, full-system amp that sounds killer and will fit many install applications, you can’t go wrong. It’s very well worth every penny. I ran another mainstream brands more entry-level amplifier prior to this and it blows it out of the water. It’s a pretty penny for your average DIY car audio nerd looking for great sound but worth it!!!!!


Sonic Electronix Customer

Kicker CXA660.5 (46CXA6605)

Durability: 4.8 | Value: 4.9 | Features: 4.6 | Design: 4.8| Usability: 4.5

The CXA660.5 Amplifier is built to be the complete package in one cool-looking amp. This amplifier uses powerful Class A/B technology to power four mid/high-range channels and an ultra-efficient Class D power plant for the bass channel. The amp also comes equipped with FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS), giving you superior clarity and dependability.

KickEQ™ variable bass boost gives you as much as a 6dB of extra bump with a simple turn of the knob. A powerful 12dB crossover and 24dB subsonic filter is also included, letting you quickly tune your entire system to taste.

This CX amplifier delivers as much as 90 watts into four full-range channels or 180 watts into two-bridged channels, plus as much as 300 watts into one bass channel.

Item highlights

• 65 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
• 90 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
• 180 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms (bridged)
• 150 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms (sub channel)
• 300 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms (sub channel)
• Class A/B Full-Range Channel Amplifier w/Class-D Bass Channel
• KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
• FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio

Quality power!! – ★★★★★

This is a quality amp with clean power. Simple install with different mounting options. The big plus was for me was it is a 5-channel amp so I could run my system with one amp instead of two.


Sonic Electronix Customer

Rockford Fosgate R2-750X5

Durability: 5 | Value: 4.5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 4.5

Described as being “Primed for Performance.”, Kicker’s R2-750X5 is a full-range class-D amplifier rated at 750 watts that can operate at 4 or 2 stereo and has a mono subwoofer channel that can operate at 4 or 2 as well.

Another option is to operate the front/rear stereo channels at a 4-bridged/mono load. Because of its Class-D technology, which decreases demand on the vehicle’s electrical system, this amplifier is incredibly efficient. The amp also has P.O.W.E.R. supply that produces more dynamic power as voltage rises, C.L.E.A.N. circuitry to assist you to change gain settings, and an integrated Punch EQ that corrects for acoustic shortcomings while producing up to 3X the bass.

Item highlights

• 50 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
• 100 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
• Total Peak Power: 600 Watts
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Balanced Differential Inputs with RCA Pass Through Outputs
• Variable Infrasonic Filter
• Full Range Class D

“In Stock, Good Amp, I’m a Happy Guy!” – ★★★★★

Due to the semiconductor shortage, I had trouble finding this unit other places. I was pleased that Sonic had this in stock and shipped it quickly. It arrived in good shape and works well.

The only downside is that RF’s documentation is a bit weak. They seem to assume you are already well versed in audio amps and know how to set the various dials/buttons. It isn’t rocket science but a few more words might have been useful.


Sonic Electronix Customer

JL Audio RD900/5

Durability: 5 | Value: 4 | Features: 4 | Design: 4 | Usability: 4

The RD900/5 is designed to provide 900 watts of high-performance sound to a complete audio system that includes a subwoofer and four satellite speakers. It is a one-stop, entire-system solution.

This entire power package, which features our proprietary NexDTM switching technology, effectively produces 500 watts for a subwoofer system and a powerful 700 watts of powerful, crystal-clear audio into a single, small chassis. A strong 3-channel amplifier is created by each main channel pair being fully bridgeable and providing 200 watts of full-range sonic enjoyment (into 4 ohms).

Item highlights

• 75 watts x 4 chan. + 250 watts x 1 chan. @ 4 ohms
• 100 watts x 4 chan. + 500 watts x 1 chan. @ 2 ohms
• Total Peak Power: 1800 Watts
• Variable Bass Boost: 0 to +12 dB bass boost at 45 Hz
• Heavy duty aluminum alloy heat-sink
• 7″W x 14-11/16″L x 2-3/16″H

good value, oddly sized.” – ★★★★

love the amp, sounds great.I wish it wasn’t 15 inches long. I’m saving up for the JL HD next to swap out to save space. Used this to replace to smaller amps. This RD is above and beyond the cheaper JL 500/1 I was using for a punch 12″ before.


Sonic Electronix Customer

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