An ideal car audio system requires a 4-channel powerhouse to operate, but with the abundance of 4-channel amplifiers in the market – it may be hard to pick the best of the best.

In this blog, we will show you the top 5 best-selling 4-channel amplifiers proven to be the perfect device to power up your car audio system based on our customers’ choice this year:


Durability: 4.4 | Value: 4.5 | Features: 4.9 | Design: 4.8 | Usability: 4.9

The 4-channel counterpart of the VADM2, the NVX VADM4 also boasts the same features as the rest of the revolutionarily compact and surprisingly powerful VAD M-line of amplifiers. This specific VADM4 amplifier has a total RMS power output of 400W all in a chassis not much larger than a dollar bill.

It is a CEA-2006 compliant Class D amplifier which means it’s more efficient, produces less heat, and draws less current than traditional Class AB circuitry.

As part of the VAD M-line, the NVX VADM4 features 3-way protection circuitry. This will protect your amplifier and your speakers by offering a number of different protections including thermal, overload, and speaker short protection. These protections will help ensure the longevity of the amplifier and your system as a whole.

Item highlights

• 400 Watt True RMS Output
• Marine Certified 4-Channel Micro Class D Amplifier
• 75W x 4-Chan. @ 4 ohms
• 100W x 4-Chan. @ 2 ohms
• 3-Way System Protection
• 4/2 Channel Operation
• 8 Gauge Power and Ground Inputs
• Extremely Small Footprint

Great little amp.” – ★★★★★

I have purchased 3 of these amps and will continue to buy them for different applications on motorcycles. In the bridged mode, they provide the perfect amount of power to 6×9 speakers in lids. They have superior sound quality in either standard setup or bridged. No worries of overheating. Two of them will sit side by side in a Harley fairing and provide ample power to any 4-6 speaker setup providing 110+ db of clear sound that can be heard at ANY speed on a motorcycle. Nvx has done their homework on this little amp. 

Anonymous Reviewer

Sonic Electronix Customer

JL Audio Class-D 4-Channel RD400/4

Durability: 4.9 | Value: 4.8 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

Utilizing JL Audio’s exclusive NexD™ high-speed switching technologies, the ultra-compact RD400/4 amplifier is engineered to deliver loads of audio output power, with incredible efficiency and low distortion. Don’t let its modern styling and small size fool you though, this little powerhouse churns out 100 watts of crystal-clear audio from each of its four channels into 2 ohms (14.4V, 1% THD) and is fully bridgeable, so it can be used as a 3-channel amplifier, or as a 2-channel amplifier producing a whopping 200W x 2 into 4 ohms.

The controls for the RD400/4 are conveniently positioned on top of the amplifier, hidden by a cover, and all of the connections are on one side of the chassis. High or low-pass 12 dB / octave filters (defeatable) for each channel pair, with continuously variable frequency selection from 50-500 Hz, and dual-range, differential-balanced inputs capable of absorbing the majority of input voltage levels are features of studio-grade signal processing. The ability to automatically turn on (through signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) is included, and brand-new input type switches are included for stereo output channel bridging without the use of Y-adaptors. With the RD400/4, onboard LED clipping indications are also provided. With the help of this ground-breaking innovation, users may rapidly and precisely adjust the input sensitivity settings on your amplifier without the need for any specialized tools. This also includes readily available preamp outputs that make it relatively straightforward for signals to flow to another amplifier. The RD400/4 has a top-mounted, dual-color LED light strip that displays the overall status and condition. It also has a tough, black powder-coated surface.

Item highlights

• 75 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
• 100 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
• Total Peak Power: 800 Watts
• Variable Bass Boost: 0 to +12 dB bass boost at 45 Hz
• Heavy duty aluminum alloy heat-sink
• 7″W x 9-3/16″L x 2-1/8″H

Excellent app at a great price. Fast delivery also!” – ★★★★★

I needed the amp I bought it quickly and Sonic Electronix was the only company that had it in stock and at the right price.

Great amp, shipped fast. 100% satisfied


Sonic Electronix Customer

Kicker CXA360.4 (46CXA3604)

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 5

The CXA360.4 Four-Channel Amplifier is built to power all your door speakers in a single, powerful package. Using Class A/B power, this amp features a variable bass boost with KickEQ™, giving you as much as a 6dB of extra bump. A powerful 12dB crossover is also included, letting you quickly tune your system to perfection. CX-Series Amplifiers accept up to 40 volts (400 watts) of speaker-level input signal. This kind of flexibility both makes line-out converters unnecessary and optimizes your sound quality at the same time!

Highly efficient heat sinks keep the amp cool with a sophisticated new look, while KICKER’s FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS), gives you outstanding noise rejection – even with premium factory audio systems. This CX-Series Amplifier delivers as much as 90 watts into four full-range channels, or 180 watts into two bridged channels.

Item highlights

• 65 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
• 90 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
• 180 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms (bridged)
• Class A/B 4-Channel Amplifier
• KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
• FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio

Great amp” – ★★★★

Been wanting to try out some Kicker products for a while. Planned to just add a sub, but decided to add more power for the other 4 speakers as well. Great sound, and plenty of power on tap for my small extended cab truck.


Sonic Electronix Customer

Alpine MRV-F300

Durability: 4.8 | Value: 5 | Features: 4.8 | Design: 4.8 | Usability: 4.8

The Alpine MRV-F300 is part of the fourth generation Alpine V-Power amplifiers, known for their small footprints that’s 40% smaller than their predecessors. This device in particular can handle a total max power of 640 watts and is a Class D amplifier, providing continuous clean power to your speakers, operating at 80% efficiency far greater than conventional Class A or B amplifiers that results in a cleaner bass, even during extreme power demands.

This small package also features a non-shut-down design: Even if you pound your music for a long time, these amps won’t shut down. They use a Thermal Management Processor to make sure the heat level never gets too high. No distortion, and no interruptions.

Item highlights

• RMS Power: 50W x 4-Chan. @ 4 ohms, 75W x 4-Chan. @ 2 ohms
• 3-Way System Protection
• 4/3/2/1 Channel Operation
• 8 Gauge Power and Ground Inputs
• Same Power in a 40% Smaller Chassis

“Powerhouse” – ★★★★★

I purchased this amp because at the time of the purchase I wasn’t very clear on what amp would be the best for my new sets of speakers. I bought this since I was under the impression that Alpine was good. The car audio shop that installed it has connected the speaker wires wrong, + was inserted into – for both of my front door speakers. I was not happy for a long time, until I wanted to play with gains and crossovers where I found a wrongly connected wires. After I re-connected them properly, the 55 wrms was an absolute reincarnation! I never imagined that 55 rms can be that loud. This amp makes my front door speakers literally scream! I cranked my music for about 2 hours at the highest possible volume and the amp was stone cold! amazing! I would definitely purchase the alpine 4 channel amplifiers in future.


Sonic Electronix Customer

Belva BXA6404

Durability: 5 | Value: 5 | Features: 5 | Design: 5 | Usability: 4.5

Belonging to the BX-series of amplifiers, the BELVA BXA5002 is a 2-Ohm stable 4-channel amplifier with a whopping 640 watt max power output. It is categorized as a Class A/B amplifier, with a MOSFET transistor, three-way circuit protection circuitry, and features both high level and low level speaker inputs. The input flexibility of the BXA6404 means the amplifier is more compatible with a variety of stereos from factory to high-end aftermarket units.

While other amplifiers on the market only feature a variable bass boost switch, the BXA6404 is equipped with a variable bass boost knob. This allows the user to fine tune the bass and gain in the amplifiers with more precision. Furthermore, the range provided in the BXA6404’s variable bass boost is anywhere from 0 to 18 decibels, whereas in other amplifiers in the same class, the range is only 0 to 12 decibels.

Item highlights

• 80 watts x 4 channel @ 4 ohms
• 160 watts x 4 channel @ 2 ohms
• Bridged: 320 watts x 2 channel @ 4 ohms
• Total Peak Power: 640 watts
• Class A/B 2 ohms Stable 4-Channel

“Great Budget Amp” – ★★★★★

I wired this amp to four 6.5 speakers. It’s really worth the money. I bought a truck and the factory amp was out. I went ahead and used my Infinity 6.5 and bought a pair of Polk 6.5 paired with the Belva amp. Sounds Great!


Sonic Electronix Customer

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