Oh yeah… You’re cruisin’ down the freeway with the top down feeling fly like a G6 when all


of a sudden BAM! No we’re not kickin it up a notch, you’ve got red and blues flashing behind you and a whopper of a ticket awaits. “But wait a minute,” you’re thinking, “I have a radar detector! How could this happen?” Because you didn’t have the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475 THAT’s how. Does your other radar detector have a 360 degree radar, laser/LIDAR AND scrambler? Yeah I didn’t think so. Rocky Mountain Radar isn’t a company to mess around with cheap imitation products, I mean they have the name “Radar” in their name. With their exclusive Smart-Scan technology, your false alerts are lowered and the reaction time is quicker keeping you safer and more protected than ever before. The RMR-C475 can detect ALL radar bands including “Instant-on,” “POP,” and “Photo” so you’ll never be vulnerable.

Now that's pretty...

The RMR-C475 laughs in the face of all radar threats by scrambling their brains out. And don’t worry, it’s completely undetectable by VG-2 and VG-3. The officer’s radar signal will be scrambled by a white nose that is reflected back onto the radar’s own signal! And if you get hit by a laser, or LIDAR, the scrambler basically decreases the range of the reflected laser which won’t allow the signal to reach the officer which means you’re good to go. The coolest part, is that this scrambler conforms to all FCC rules and regulations. Part 15 off the FCC code regulates products that leak or transmit radio frequency energy into the atmosphere. Since the scrambler are not transmitting and work by either reflecting the same signal or by decreasing the reflective range of the radar and laser guns, those regulations do not apply. Boo ya. And guess what, Rocky Mountain offers a 1-year ticket refund policy if you do somehow manage to get get caught so your back is covered no matter what!

Not having the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475. THAT’s how you got caught. Step up to the best protection today!


Note: Sonic Electronix does not endorse speeding or breaking the law in any way. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by driving safely.