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What is the Best Subwoofer for the Money?

Qualities of the "Best Subwoofer for the Money" Just as many other posts on this blog, this article is completely objective. Since this article is...

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Subwoofer?

When writing this article I am going under the impression that you have already installed an aftermarket radio in your car. If you are...

Subwoofer Buying Guide

Adding a subwoofer to your car audio system will allow you to get that extra bass that will help enhance your listening...

Best Car Subwoofers Under $200

Best 12" Car Subwoofer under $200 There are a ton of features to consider when choosing the best car subwoofer for your system. Your car...

How to match Car Subwoofer and Amplifier

Main Points to consider when matching Car Subwoofer and Amplifier Are you wondering how to match a car subwoofer and amplifier? Look no further because...

Why you should get a Car Subwoofer

Any audiophile will tell you that you need an aftermarket sound system. No matter what you drive, the manufacturer placed the audio components at...