One often overlooked aspect of creating a great car audio system is eliminating unwanted noises and soundproofing your vehicle. These noises affect the way your music will sound and the overall performance of your speakers. One option car owners have that will help eliminate those unwanted sounds are sound deadening, or damping materials. 

Here are 5 fast facts to help you better understand how those will help your car audio experience:

1. Sound Deadening Reduces Sheet Metal Vibrations and Road Noise

The most common culprits of sound inside of vehicles are road noise and vibrating sheet metal. Road noise includes the sound of your tires on the pavement and potholes or uneven surfaces which cause vibrations. Vibrating sheet metal typically comes from areas like your doors, trunks, and floorboards. 

Sound deadening materials are specifically manufactured to reduce or eliminate those noises by stopping those vibrations and insulating the car from exterior conditions.

Reduce Road Noise with Sound Deadening Material

2. Sound Damping Has Multiple Benefits

Besides making your overall commute more enjoyable, sound dampening can help your music sound clearer due to less metal vibration caused by bass. The reduced number of distracting bumps and rattles also makes your speakers sound considerably louder. This combination provides instant improvements to the overall sound of your stereo system. Besides the car audio benefits received, it will also give you a more luxurious, quiet ride.

3. Sound Deadening Installation Can Be a DIY Project

Depending on where you are installing this material, it can be done by most DIYers looking to save a few bucks from labor costs at your local professional installer. The most common place to install sound damping is on your doors and trunk. Installing in these locations is a fairly simple process. The main thing you have to be careful of is breaking the fragile plastic clips that hold the door panels and plastic trim pieces in place. 

All you will really need is degreaser/rag, a utility knife, a panel remover kit, a Phillips screwdriver, and a rolling tool. When removing these pieces make sure to keep track of these clips and screws so you can quickly put things back together. 

NVX SDRF40 Tri-Layer Design

4. There are Multiple Types of Sound Dampening Materials

Sound dampening options and materials include mats, foam, and speaker baffles. It’s also important to be aware that not all brands are created equal. The thickness and ultimately the effectiveness of the mats vary from brand to brand. Material like the NVX SDRF40 offers a thicker design over the competition at 3.2mm. 

Sound Damping Amount Chart

5. Get the Right Size Kit for Your Car

Depending on what areas of your car you want to focus on as well as your budget, you will have to decide upon the amount of material you will need. If you plan on doing multiple areas and doors in your car, look for bulk packs that will provide enough material for the entire vehicle. On our website, we have options ranging from single speaker kits, all the way up to packs made for your entire vehicle. Refer to our chart above for a good reference on how much material you will need.

As these 5 fast facts have stated, there can be significant benefits to reducing all of those vibrations and noises in your car. Now you have the necessary information to make the correct decisions for your situation. If you have any questions, talk to one of our trained technical support experts. Reach out to us during regular business hours and we’d be happy to help!


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