Motevo GTV-CRV1

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

In-dash receivers have become increasingly popular throughout the years, but it has become more difficult to find a decent head unit with the exact features that you want for your vehicle. Motevo, a relatively new company, has solved this problem. Motevo has created a head unit that is custom built to match your car’s interior design and dimensions. They have created a full 7” in-dash receiver with DVD, DivX, VCD, CD and MP3 playback made specifically for your vehicle. These OEM replacement units match your factory dash while upgrading your system, and they also include in-dash GPS navigation. Unlike other aftermarket stereos, these replacements receivers will blend in seamlessly to preserve the factory integrated appearance of your dash.

The built-in navigation is special because it uses Navteq mapping, commonly found in higher level brands. The navigation system allows you to view a map in 2D or 3D display of the complete 50 United States. Points-of –interest search options are included to help you find restaurants, gas stations, and names. This information is very useful if you are in an unfamiliar area. To help keep you safe on the road, the Motevo navigation has text-to-speech that will announce street names, driving directions, and any other text the driver wants to hear. Along with built-in GPS, the Motevo OEM replacement units also come with built-in Bluetooth. Why risk driving while talking on your cell phone when you can converse with the person on the other end through your car speakers and Bluetooth microphone?

Tired of having to change CD’s all the time? Just use the front USB and SD card slot to expand your music options. The Motevo OEM replacement receivers also come with 2 video outputs for connecting optional monitors, such as headrest monitors, so you are able to watch a DVD on multiple sources. This is great way to entertain kids (and your passengers in general) on long car rides.

Overall, the Motevo OEM replacement head units are a great option if you want something that is affordable but has all of the features you want in a receiver. With the integrated design, your passengers will never guess that it didn’t come factory standard.


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