Kenwood XR Amps

Starting out in car audio is a time of experience. It’s hard to mix in an experience of proper power and components your first time around to get the best possible sound. JVC decided to make it easier for to obtain proper power along with quality audio components all at an affordable price point. The 2011 audio equipment released from JVC is the DRVN (pronounced driven) series of amplifier, speakers and subwoofers with a streamlined aesthetic and a more aggressive sound.

Featuring matched components that are engineered to work with one another, JVC has improved the performance of the amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers in the DRVN Series to offer more refined sound, providing a better solution for the entry/mid level customer. Taking the headache out of finding different matchups and putting together different systems is the goal of the DRVN series, which is designed to take the guess-work out of car audio, and make picking out a system easy and simple. Putting together a system that sounds great isn’t as difficult as once thought before.

The DRVN Amplifiers are designed to have a small footprint, and feature a MOSFET power supply, enhanced low-frequency sound performance, specifically tuned to CS-GD1200 subwoofers. The amplifiers also have increased dynamic power and are all bridgeable.

The DRVN series of speakers will include 10 coaxial models, as well as a new component set that all feature carbon mica woofers for high SPL, and feature a hybrid cloth/rubber surround. Also showcased is a wide-range PEI midrage/tweeter.

Finally in the DRVN lineup is the DRVN Subwoofers. These include two designs which have been engineered to work in enclosures as small as .75 cubic feet. One model features a dual voice coil with a butyl rubber surround for max power. The dual voice coil features a 62.6 strontium magnet, and has a power handling rating of 1400 watts peak/400 watts RMS.