One issue that is prevalent in cheaper cars and other older vehicles is the shakes, rattles, and road noise that you are forced to experience on nearly an everyday basis. This is caused by cheap hard plastic material getting loose over time from regular vibrations and bumps with little to no damping to stop the rattles. These rattles most commonly occur in areas such as door panels, the dash, and trunk lid.

Luxury driving experience

Now compare that experience to a luxury vehicle. In a luxury car, the ride is much quieter, with less road noise and rattles. It makes driving that much more enjoyable. Even when you shut the doors, the thud is more solid. This is not just because the material used in the car is more expensive, its also because these types of vehicles use thick layers of sound damping material to stop the vibrations and deaden the noise coming from outside the vehicle.

Luxury vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus use this material in almost every car they make. Many other auto manufacturers use little to no sound damping material in order to keep the cost down. In turn, it saves you money when you initially buy the car. However, adding this material to your car is an incredibly worthwhile investment if you plan to keep the car for a while.

NVX SDBBP40 Sound Damping

Upgrade your vehicle

Most people assume that sound deadening is just used for people who install massive subwoofers in their trunk, but it actually has a much more practical everyday use. Sound damping material like the NVX SDBBP40 is an incredibly useful addition for any vehicle. 

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with a rattling door panel on your everyday commute. Even just one sheet of sound damping can help absorb those vibrations. Other popular areas to install this material include the firewall (for engine noise and the dash), the trunk/hatch, and floorboards (for road noise). The rubber material acts as a buffer between the metal and the plastic. We even have an incredibly helpful article as well as a step by step video on how to solve this problem that so many drives deal with.

Reduce road noise with sound damping

At Sonic Electronix we offer several different mats from reputable brands at varying thicknesses and prices. The thicker the material, the more effective it will be. To learn more about sound damping also check out our article Five Fast Facts about sound damping material. Also, visit our website to find some sound damping for your vehicle and learn how to install it with this helpful article.


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