For most outdoor enthusiasts, nothing beats the feeling of cruising the streets, parks, and forests in your very own customized ATV. You have your sound system all set up, a couple of handlebar speakers, and even a killer subwoofer at the back. For most people, the off-road goodie shopping is not complete without a huge LED light bar to illuminate those dark and mysterious paths. Unlike cars, ATVs don’t come with adequate lighting. This is why millions of 4-wheeler enthusiasts love installing after-market lighting to their quad bikes. Why let a simple, beautiful sunset end a lovely day of riding? Sonic Electronix shows you what to look for in ATV lighting and gives you two of the best products in inventory.

Race Sport Accessories RS-CAMO-120W

This massive 22 inch, CREE LED Light Bar comes in a spectacular camouflage finish to blend perfectly in the great outdoors. As the name suggests, Race Sport Accessories don’t mess around when it comes to extreme performance. Do you like to take things slow or are you a speed demon? It doesn’t matter because the Race Sport Accessories RS-CAMO-120W works well even at top speeds on off-road machines, emergency vehicles, fishing boats, semi-trucks and even in mining equipment. The 50,000-hour lifespan ensures that you get as much use from your lighting before thinking of replacements.

Top Features of ATV Lighting

1. Brightness

With LED lighting, the brightness produced is typically the number of lumens generated per watt. Some of the best ATV lights have very long reach and can last a very long time without giving out. However, it is important to keep an open eye for cheaper, substandard lighting which unethical manufacturers overdrive to increase brightness. It may be very attractive at first, but your ATV light will burn out in months if you don’t get the right equipment.

2. Durable Construction

As can be expected, ATV lights are taken through the harshest conditions and elements possible. This is why every component of your ATV lighting needs to be constructed with sturdy and extremely durable materials. If you constantly ride your quad in extreme off-road conditions, make sure you find lighting and wiring with a minimum of IP67 rating against dust and moisture. Cast housings are great, but aluminum casings are much tougher than anything out there. The lighting mounts and hardware must also be corrosive proof.

Race Sport Accessories ATV/Motorcycle LED Underbody Light Kit

Are you an adventurous, free spirit? Then you definitely need to get your ATV outfitted with this bad boy. The Race Sport Accessories ATV/Motorcycle LED under body light kit gives your quad bike an attractive, custom and personalized under glow. You can choose between a myriad of interesting and unique colors that can all be controlled with a four-button remote. But why stop there? This incredible under body lighting kit incorporates so many exciting features that will have your ATV looking like a club. You can set the under-glow to dim, breathing, full and even strobe.

3. Mammoth Heat Sinks

The typical LED light’s lifespan can be significantly severed by excessive heat levels, especially if you are located in hot and humid areas. Sonic Electronix recommends you look for ATV lights that have hefty heat sinks to manage those high temperatures. In fact, the more ridges and fins you can find, the better. Fins and ridges dissipate heat away from your circuits and the LEDs too. In some state of the art ATV lights, you are more likely to find PCB metal-core that cools down the circuits.

4. Beam Pattern

Picking out the ATV lights according to their beam pattern is very important. This will largely depend on the location that you usually ride in. Spotted patterns are famous for their incredible penetration, but their width is quite dismal. On the other hand, Flood patterns are ideal for providing lighting to the sides, but their penetration or reach is just under half that of spots. Confused about how to add lighting to my ATV or which ones to choose? Well, you can go for a combination of spots and flood to get that perfect balance in light.

5. Warranties

No matter what product you are buying, the warranty says a whole lot about the manufacturer’s confidence and vision in the longevity of their product. You want to choose ATV lighting that offers you a very extended period on warranty. This way, you are assured that even if something goes wrong, you’ll be well taken care of.


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