When it comes to head units, automakers and car stereo manufacturers around the world use the DIN Standard. This measurement system was created by a German standard body called Deutsches Institut für Normung, and is used to specify height and width of car head units.

The first head unit size available for cars is called the Single-DIN, and in this blog, we will discuss what a Single-DIN car stereo is along with its features and properties.

Single-DIN Car Stereo: Design & Function

Single-DIN vehicle head units are measured 2″ tall and 7″ wide. A small number of head units are 1.5 times the height of the DIN standard, which technically makes them 1.5 DIN.

Single-DIN head units were initially factory-issued car stereos equipped with a local AM/FM tuner, a CD player, dials, and buttons to control your music. However, as technology progressed, these type of head units have upgraded their features to include high-definition quality, equalizer, satellite radio, USB/AUX inputs, Bluetooth, hands-free calling, and even modern smartphone integration.

The simplest solution when it comes time to replace your single DIN vehicle radio is to purchase a single DIN aftermarket device. The majority of single DIN aftermarket units are made to be fitted in an adjustable collar that makes it simple to do so in practically any single DIN slot, even though there are occasionally minor changes in fit and quality.

Floating Screen Single-DIN Head Units

Sony XAV-AX8100 – 8.95″ Single-DIN Touchscreen Digital Multimedia Receiver with Bluetooth

Single-DIN head units have gradually moved away from the necessity for CD and DVD mechanisms to support digital formats as they are replaced by their superior touchscreen Double-DIN rivals. The floating Single-DIN head units were created as a result of manufacturers like Sony, Alpine, and Pioneer being able to mount large displays on single-DIN chassis to make using and managing the devices even simpler.

Floating Single-DIN head units showcase the same features as the Double-DIN. These new receivers usually have a digital radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as entertainment features such as Spotify, Bluetooth streaming, map navigation apps, and more.

Each manufacturer provides a number of mounting options to ensure that these large-screen radios will fit nicely and look good in the dash of your vehicle to prevent a vibrating or unstable screen while you drive, as opposed to Double-DINs that are mounted tightly and comfortably inside the dash.

Replace your stock Single-DIN stereo with an aftermarket radio or a floating Single-DIN head unit. At Sonic Electronix, we have a vast selection of single-DIN car stereos from renowned brands. Choose from names like Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Boss, Belva, and more.