Sonic Electronix, one of the leaders in car audio, recently visited Harman, the premium global audio and infotainment group, at their research and development locations in Northridge, California and Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of these visits was to utilize and combine the powerful brand of Harman and the industry leading knowledge behind Sonic Electronix to begin working together on developing future car audio projects. “We are extremely excited to work closely with Harman on these upcoming projects. They truly are a premier audio company that creates a quality product and we are honored to collaborate with them”, said Sonic Electronix Director of Product Seth Wilde.

Harman, the parent company of many well-known consumer electronics brands including AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL and Mark Levinson, is one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry. “We are very blessed at Harman to have some of the brightest and best engineers available in the audio industry. Combined with our physical resources we’re able to bring new technologies to bear in our products that can’t be done by most manufacturers,” said Harman Director of Marketing and Product Management for Luxury Audio and Loudspeakers Jim Garrett.

The benefits of these visits between Sonic Electronix and Harman will be wide felt throughout the car audio industry and the future joint projects will lead to some incredibly exciting new products for consumers. “With all of the input that Sonic Electronix can provide us of what their customer needs are, we’re able to create new products that are fitting the customer’s needs today and into the future,” said Haman Western Region Director of Sales Kelly Wells.

Harman’s overall electronics knowledge and resources combined with the established knowledge and car audio experience at Sonic Electronix makes for an incredibly promising partnership moving forward and several promising, yet to be announced projects are already moving forward in development. “Our hope is that these new products will fill unmet demand in the market, carry the signature Harman sound and bring out the passion for audio in our customers lives”, said Wilde.