Sound Dampening is a great investment for any vehicle owner. It helps keep the outside sounds out, and the inside sounds in. If car speakers are surrounded by dampening, this material helps the speakers output more smoothly along your vehicles doors, meaning much stronger and full audio playback. Adding sound dampening to as much of your vehicle as possible is essential to a complete audio system.

When on the market for quality Sound Dampening, it can be tough to know how the stuff will work when it’s actually inside your vehicle. With NVX Sound Dampening you can be sure that you’re getting the thickest product for your dollar. Basically the thicker the sound deadener, the better the results you will see. NVX Sound Dampening Material is designed to be 2.3mm thick, up to 30% thicker than leading competitors. This allows for better rattle protection, and road noise elimination, allowing you to enjoy the solitude of your drive, or increase the overall output from your audio system. If you’re using subwoofers in your vehicle, sound dampening is practically a necessity.

The NVX SDSK2 Sound Dampening Package is perfect for outfitting 2 Speakers with Sound Dampening

There are plenty of different kits of NVX Sound Dampening currently available at Sonic Electronix. Some are designed for adding a subwoofer to your vehicle, others are a perfect solution when installation door speakers.  Some kits are designed to purely to outfit your entire vehicle with dampening, from floor to roof and everything in between.  No matter what upgrades your doing to your vehicle, there’s a package of Sound Dampening that will aid the installation and its final results. Check out the NVX Audio store at Sonic Electronix Today!