Upgrading your car’s speakers can breathe new life into your vehicle. You get to hear the crisp audio quality your systems can produce. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry tons of speakers ranging in sizes, shapes, and styles, which can be a bit overwhelming to the average buyer. Follow our buying guide so you can the right car speaker for you.

NVX VSP525KIT Component Speaker System

What type of fit do you want in your vehicle?

Some of the most popular fitments we carry are the 6.5″ and the 6×9″ speakers. While these are the most popular speaker fitments we carry, it’s important that you use our autofit guide to determine what speaker fit works for your vehicle. This guide will tell which speakers you will need for your vehicle. The majority of individuals who are replacing their speakers are going to go with the exact same size as the factory speakers.

What kind of speakers are you looking to buy?

There are two main types of speakers you can purchase, being component speakers and full-range speakers. Component speakers offer the best sound quality because of their overall design. The woofers and tweeters are separated to offer more mobility in your car. 

Coaxial speakers are compacted in a single system and are the easiest speakers to install. They are a go-to if you are looking to replace your factory speakers. They have the ability to produce any range of sound. Even though they are cheaper than component speakers, they do not offer the same customization as component speakers.

2-Way or 3-Way speakers 

The two most common types of speakers are the 2-way and 3-way speakers. 2-way speakers consist of a woofer and a tweeter. Most of the top of the line speakers on the market are 2-way. 3-way speakers, on the other hand, consist of both a woofer and a tweeter as well as the added mid-range component. They produce both highs and lows of the sound, creating a fuller, richer sound in your car. It is important to note that just because a 3-way speaker has one more additional component, this does not inherently mean it will perform better than a comparable 2-way speaker. In fact, many of our high-end coaxial speakers are actually 2-way speakers. Two and three-way speakers just have a different way of delivering sound.

Sony XS-FB1630 – 6.5″ Car Speakers

What do your speakers consist of?

The material of your speakers is another crucial component to consider when doing your research. The material used can determine the longevity of your speakers as well as the sound quality

  • Tweeter material: The most common material used for tweeters are soft, silk fabrics. This produces a more mellow sound. If you are more into high, bright sounds, then go for a tweeter made from more hard material like ceramic and graphite. 
  • Woofer material: Woofers made from a stiff, yet lightweight, material produce the best bass sound. Most woofer cones are made from a polypropylene material, with the second most popular material being paper. These materials stand up well against heat, cold, and moisture.
  • Surround material: The casing around the speaker should be durable and can withstand heat and humidity. The most common material for the surroundings is rubber. Foam and cloth surroundings are cheaper and perform just as well as rubber surroundings. 

Find a speaker that works for your system

There are two main internal components to look for when picking which system works best for your vehicle. Check for the speaker’s sensitivity and power-handling.

  • Sensitivity: This measures how much sound a speaker yields from the power applied to it. If you have a low powered car stereo, then go for a speaker with a high sensitivity rating. Cars with a high powered car stereo, go for speakers with low sensitivity rating.
  • Power handling: This determines the amount of power your speakers can handle. If your stereo system has a high powered amp, then you are going to need speakers with the same level of output as the amplifier and vice versa.

These are just the main specifications to consider when upgrading your car speakers. If you are in the market to upgrade any other features in your car, please check out our buying guide on car stereos and subwoofers


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