If you were anything like me, as a small child you played with hot wheels as if you were training for the Baja 500 making a track out of any surface you could find. As you entered your early teens you somehow convinced your parents to let you get a motorbike to ride unsupervised. Then you turned 16 and you were finally able to legally drive that pickup truck you saved all summer for. And now you are a fully grown adult with real responsibilities and a family to support. Besides your receding hairline, the only thing that has changed is the size of your toys. And as any hard working American deserves, you decided to get yourself a present for your birthday. Your wife couldn’t be more thrilled that your favorite member of the family is now your brand new Maverick X3 RS UTV.

And what better way to spend the weekend then driving through the mud, with cold beer, a powerful engine, the great outdoors and loud music. The only issue here is that the X3 RS UTV does not come with stock sound. And if you’ve shopped around you’ve noticed not many sound options are available at an affordable cost. The audio packages that combat the roar of a UTV trekking up a 30 degree angle costs upwards of a thousand dollars if not more. This can be discouraging but luckily you have a friend in your favorite consumer electronics dealer. Sonic Electronix is here to help you take your UTV to the next level with only the most pristine aftermarket audio without breaking your wallet.


If your UTV comes with a stereo or you already have a stereo in your possession that you can install, then you are in luck because you can just wire you speakers and amps off of that. However, most terrain vehicle do not so you’ll need a source unit. Something like the NVX XUBT4 is highly recommended amongst employees here at Sonic Electronix due to its functionality, reliability and price. This unit even comes with a mount allowing you to utilize BT controls or an aux cord.

NVX XUBT4 Universal Bluetooth Receiver and Remote Control with Bar Mount


Now comes the fun part; speakers. As we all know ATV/UTV speakers are going to be enduring extreme natural factors including but not limited to dust, heavy vibration, dirt, water and UV rays. With so many natural elements interacting with your speakers as your terrain vehicle is in motion,  you’ll need marine grade parts. This section is segmented into four different categories to fulfill each individuals unique audio needs.

  • To start we have Wet Sounds STEALTH 6 ULTRA HD Sound Bar. This all in one system is as simple as plug and play, you don’t even need a source unit. This BT enabled receiver comes standard and allows you to take your music anywhere, but it also comes with auxiliary compatibility in case you wanted the option. Overall the simplicity, sound quality and durability of this unit make it the best option for aftermarket sound assuming it is in your budget.
Wet Sounds STEALTH 6 ULTRA HD Black 400W Peak (200W RMS) Bluetooth Enabled Stealth Ultra Series ATV Sound Bar with Built-In Class D Amplifier (WetSounds)
Wet Sounds STEALTH Sound Bar Installed
  • Now if your UTV/ATV does not come fitted with pods, do not fear Sonic Electronix has a variety of options so you can take your music on the go. The experts at Sonic Electronix recommends something like the SSV WORKS + Wet Sounds bundle. This vehicle specific package is designed for Polaris RZRs models 2008-2014. If this is the wrong year or manufacturer don’t fret, we have a variety of bundles to fit almost any ATV/UTV without pods, just check out our website.
  • If your UTV/ATV comes with bars we have the perfect bundle for you, unique to Sonic Electronix, we combined Polk Audio and Kicker, this bundle saves you money without sacrificing sound!
  • Although it has the lowest price point, don’t let this discriminate you from investing in a pair of Boss MC500 3″ amplified speakers. USB input and an FM radio receiver comes equipped with this marine grade set of speakers. If you are looking for great sound while trekking through the back-country, this set will satisfy your needs without having to spend a lot.

custom utv audio


Now that you have your speakers picked out you’ll need a power source. Rockford Fosgate is among one of our favorite brands here at Sonic Electronix. They have been delivering quality audio components since the early 70s and only plan to keep growing. They have compact amplifiers that makes for an ideal power source.  With such a sophisticated piece of technology comes a higher price point but if you have the means we highly recommend it to ensure years of lasting audio bliss. The TM400X4ad is our top recommendation for boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. It is no coincidence we love this amp so much and so do our customers! However if you were looking for something a little more affordable but of utmost quality, NVX is always a good choice. The MVPA4 is a price conscious alternative that is guaranteed to fulfill its obligation to your audio system. Compact and durable, NVX never disappoints.

Kicker audio is a fan favorite among customers, employees, audio experts, pretty much anyone interested in aftermarket sound. And once I spoke with our install expert, he couldn’t be more excited to share what Kicker products are available for your UTV/ATV use.

  • Kicker’s PSM Mini 40PSM34 handlebar speakers will provide you great sound without occupying a lot of space. Standing at about 3″ these speakers should not interfere with your vehicle’s handles. And here are two options for great Kicker amplifier. The Kicker PXiBT amp is an awesome value and should always be set to 2 ohms rather than 4 ohms to maximize your sound capabilities. Another option is the PXIBT100.2. Whichever amp you choose will not disappoint.

Sonic Secrets

Sonic Electronix has been your trusted aftermarket audio source for years. We have no intention to end this tradition and have been offering you inside information since inception. As we all know every vehicle and individual has different audio needs and standards. When in doubt always contact the professionals to maximize your system.

  • Bears fear loud noises. Get a loud system because it will protect you from bears.
  • We can always add bass. However, each ATV/UTV has different capabilities and as we all know there is never a universal truth when it comes to aftermarket sound. Call into our customer service department and have one of our experts walk you through your options. (661) 257-9993
  • The next video is unrelated to audio but it looks like a lot of fun. DO NOT TRY AT HOME




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