An all-terrain vehicle, also referred to as an ATV, quad, or four-wheeler, provides a sense of exploration and adventure for their owners. These vehicles have been around for decades and have been providing entertainment and transportation for millions of people worldwide. 

While ATVs come equipped with some great features and options, most require an upgrade when it comes to the audio system and speakers. There is nothing like cruising around to your favorite tunes that can be clearly heard through all of the associated noises that come with riding. With the latest options and technology on the market, adding ATV speakers is easy to do!

Here are 5 fast facts to know about ATV speakers to help with your research and purchase:

1. ATV Speakers are Designed for Outdoor Environments and Bumpy Rides

If you have ever ridden on an ATV, you understand that they can take a beating in the outdoor elements. Bumpy trails, dirt, mud, water, sun, rain, and other similar elements are all a part of the riding experience. With that said, ATV speakers will have to be able to withstand those types of conditions while still being heard over all of the engine noise. 

Luckily, manufacturers have built ATV grade speakers to last and function well in these types of environments. Speaker enclosures and components come waterproof and weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about damaging them on your rides.

2. Soundbars and speaker tubes are a great option

Soundbars and speaker tubes give you a unique experience over typically smaller sized speakers. You can mount them right on your rear or front rack. These are simple to install and they come all in one with the speakers, enclosure, and amplifier in one package. All you have to is connect it to your power supply and you are good to go! One of our best selling ATV speaker tubes is the Belva BPS6RGB. Its built-in LED lights really help it stand out from the rest of the competition.

3. Handlebar speakers are also a great choice

Handlebar speakers are another great way to add some quality audio to your quad. Similar to soundbars, these speakers are built with everything you need to add some tunes to your ride. They also offer a very plug and play experience. Although they may not be as loud as speaker tubes, they are far more compact and they take up much less space that could be used for other things. The Kicker PSM Mini PSM3 speakers are uniquely powerful for their small size. 

4. Most ATV speakers have Bluetooth connectivity

Another advantage of these types of speakers is that almost all of them offer Bluetooth connectivity. There’s no hassle with untangling wires or constantly replacing them each time they get splashed with some water when you go over a puddle. All you have to do is connect your phone to the speaker in your Bluetooth settings and you’re ready to ride.

5. Consider Your Budget as ATV Speakers Vary in Prices

As with anything, your options will come down to your budget. ATV speakers can start around $100 and go up to $800. The entry-level speakers will not be as powerful or might even be slightly lacking in sound quality when compared to some of the higher-end speakers. You will also notice a difference in longevity as well. The lower end speakers will more than likely break down much quicker than the higher-end speakers, especially when they are exposed to the elements as they will be.

Ready to step up your ATV audio game now that you have a better idea of the all options out there? Check out all of our Powersports speakers we have available to narrow your search and find the perfect ATV speakers for you.


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