NVX amplifier wiring kits help take the guesswork off your hands. Their premium kits come with everything you need for an easy install. Their kits are designed by professionals who know the challenges and concerns when it comes to installation. Here are five reasons you should consider purchasing an NVX amplifier wiring kit.

1. Amplifier Wiring Kits Designed By Installers for You

NVX’s amplifier wiring kits are designed and curated by professional installers. If anyone should know what items you need and the challenges when it comes to installation, it would be them. NVX looks to installers to design their kits, bringing their wealth of knowledge to everyone who purchases their kit. Because of NVX’s collaboration with installers and their attention to detail, NVX was one of the first in the industry to include 8 gauge speaker wire in the kit. This allows everyone with high-power systems to no longer rely on 8 gauge power wire instead. This attention to detail sets them apart from the rest  

2. High-Quality 100% OFC Wiring for Any Application

NVX is very transparent when it comes to their wires, from the number of strands in their wires to the material it is made from. NVX’s engineered their wires with 100% Oxygen-Free Copper with NO aluminum blend. This makes their wiring kits top of the line. There are numerous advantages to OFC wiring including increased conductivity to carry more currents to your amplifier and reduced strain on your vehicle’s electrical system. NVX incorporates silver in their wires, keeping the internal wires from corroding over time. The power and ground wire, in particular, use EnvyFlex insulation. EnvyFlex allows for greater flexibility and makes it much easier to work with. For more universal applications, NVX’s wires are BC-5W2 marine compliant, making them useful on boats and other off-road vehicles.

3. More Wire Length for Wider Application

Other quality amplifier kits only give you around 30 feet of speaker wire to work with. NVX provides 40 feet in their kits. In their 4-channel amplifier kits, NVX offers customers 60 feet of speaker wire, two times as much as other kits. They also provide 2-3 feet more power wire than their competitors as well with 20 feet of wire. Longer wire lengths make installation easier for larger vehicles such as SUVs.

4. RCA Cables Designed with You in Mind

NVX interconnect RCA cables are constructed with twisted pair technology, which helps with outside noise reduction. The tactile grip RCA ends keeps a tight connection on your amplifier. The color-coded cables help you indicate left and right channels. Their RCA cables also come in shorter lengths for a cleaner installation, so need to try and hide any extra wiring.

5. Everything You Need All in One Kit

Each NVX amplifier wiring kit comes equipped with everything you need for your amplifier install. Along with power and speaker wire, most kits come with mini-ANL fuse holders, spade terminals, butt connectors, and 6” black zip ties. No need to buy any extra items, simply find the right kit for your vehicle and amplifier and have everything you need all in one kit. 

To find more NVX products, you can shop their entire catalog on our site. If you are ready to install your amplifier in your vehicle, you can read our blog on how to do so.


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